Monday, May 25, 2015

How Important is a Local Dental Lab?

One of the smartest things a dentist can do, in terms of patient convenience and quality control, is to utilize a local dental lab. By using a lab nearby, or even having one onsite, there is quicker turnaround in fabricating dentures, implants and other appliances. There is also a greater control over the end product.

When a dentist has to send out to a lab that is in another city or state, the expense is greater and it becomes harder to make corrections. Communication may become inconvenient, and it is almost impossible to have a lab technician come into the office for consultations.

Quality Restorations

With a local or onsite lab, there can be ongoing communication, ensuring a higher degree of accuracy. It also makes it easier to track and maintain quality control. This is vitally important because patients depend on the appliances they receive and expect to get many years of use out of them.

A good dentist will place emphasis on the fit of dentures, crowns or caps, as well as the color. After all, any appliance needs to match the surrounding teeth in order to have a natural look and feel. Plus, if there are any adjustments that need to be made, they can be done much faster. 

When a dentist has a great rapport with their lab technicians and communication is effective, patients reap the benefits of great fitting and good looking restorations.

At Warwick Dental, our local lab to provides us with high quality dental appliances. Dr. Liberto’s patients have come to know and rely on the convenience and care that they receive at our family dental office. Contact our office if you want to know more about our restorations or are in need of a replacement or exam. We look forward to keeping your smile beautiful and strong.

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